RG3: Molecular Networks in Medical Bioinformatics


Research Group 3: Molecular Networks in Medical Bioinformatics

The research group on Molecular Networks in Medical Bioinformatics has been headed by Dr. Mario Albrecht in the Department of Computational Biology and Applied Algorithmics and the MMCI Cluster of Excellence and moved to the Graz University of Technology.

Our work covers three overlapping research areas with projects on computational approaches for analyzing molecular interaction networks as well as for modeling and predicting protein structure, function and interaction. We are particularly interested in biological networks of regulatory and signaling processes, some of which are impaired in specific diseases. An additional aim in the context of computational systems biology and medicine is the construction and simulation of integrative network models for understanding pathway perturbations.

We develop and apply various bioinformatics methods, software tools, and databases to gain comprehensive knowledge about the function and structure of interacting proteins that are as yet relatively uncharacterized, but of medical relevance. Currently, our disease focus is on autoinflammatory and neurodegenerative disorders and on viral infections, for instance, on Crohn's and Parkinson's diseases and on the hepatitis C and dengue viruses. Our computational findings support experimentally working cooperation partners in discovering promising candidate genes as well as in prioritizing and interpreting experiments targeted towards elucidating the molecular function of gene products and the cause of diseases.

Contact: Dr. Mario Albrecht (E-mail: mario.albrecht@mpi-inf.mpg.de)


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